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Artic temperatures will be impacting Central Virginia soon. Here is what you need to know. 


Frozen pipes and power outages are a major concern with the impending Artic weather that will be impacting our area. We have created some helpful information to help get you prepared and weather the storm. Like you, our company, contractors and family members will bear similar burdens related to this weather. Please remain safe and please let us know if you have any questions. 

Homeowners should take these steps now. 

1. Locate your main water shutoff valve. In most homes this is located just inside the crawl space door or in somewhere in the basement. The valve is most likely labled "Main Water Shutoff" or some variation thereof. 

2. Open under sink cabinets. This allows warm air to circulate and keep them warm. 

3. Let your faucets drip slowly. This can drastically reduce the chance for freezing. Be sure stopper or drain is not blocked. 

4. Insulate any exposed pipes with towels, rags or bubble wrap, all will help. 

5. Have extra drinking water ready. Don't wait to get extra supplies

6. Close foundation vents and make sure crawl space door is secure

7. Turn off water to your exterior hose bibs. These are typically located right behind the hose bib in the crawl space. 

8. Please bring your pets inside!

What should a homeowner do if they have frozen plumbing pipes?

Homeowners should to these two important things immediately.

  1. Turn off the water in the home to prevent additional damage.

  2. Reach out to either their insurance agent or homeowners insurance carrier. The insurance carrier can open a claim for the homeowner and provide access to water mitigation services and emergency plumbing repair contractors.


Are frozen plumbing pipes covered under the warranty document?

In most cases, no. Many water-pipe problems will result directly from the weather and possible long-term power loss. These situations should be handled through homeowners insurance, as the conditions causing the damage are specifically excluded under the warranty booklet.


Sub Contractor Contact Information - If you require repairs or estimates for insurance claims, we've included a list of third-party contractors whom we trust to help you.  

Carter Plumbing (Charlottesville Area) 434-295-4463

Virginia Plumbing (Charlottesville Area) 434-962-1378

Imperial Plumbing (Richmond Area) 804-897-8424

A1 Master Plumbing (Richmond Area) 804-387-2795

Automated Air Systems - HVAC - 804-641-9360



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