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Liberty Homes of Virginia offers you decades of On Your Own Lot experience; we have been building homes for our customers on their own land for over 20 years. What could be more personally rewarding than having your house built on your own property? Let us build your dream home today.

Building a home is tremendously rewarding but is a complex and time-demanding undertaking. It can be overwhelming for the uninitiated but we have a talented staff and core of professional vendors and sub-contractors that willingly and knowledgeably navigate the associated challenges daily. Prior to construction there are a myriad of things to research, consider and analyze. The challenges range from lot analysis (suitability for building/construct-ability, crawl or basement, site access, house positioning, site improvement/clearing requirements, utility locations/easements, etc), to permitting, to trade/vendor and product ordering/scheduling, to final building and lot inspections. Again, Liberty Homes of Virginia is well staffed to perform and coordinate all these activities.

Our personnel are experienced in the abundance of administrative matters required prior to commencement of construction including plat survey requests, soil engineering, house plan design and drafting, health and building permit application, and utility service applications. We are a value builder. Our processes are efficient and we affiliate with a variety of sub-contractors who, like us, are focused on economically completing all phases and tasks from the ground up and from the walls in.

House construction requires an understanding of code requirements and a significant amount of interface with the local municipality, utility providers, engineers, and a plethora of vendors and sub-contractors. Our comprehensive approach to the On Your Own Lot (OYOL) program ensures timely success by professionally engaging all facets of the construction process from the customer’s dream to hand-over of the front door key of the customer’s dream home.


Items To Consider For On Your Own Lot Construction:

Lot Clearing: Environmental & Sediment control; tree, stump, brush removal; culvert and construction driveway installation (state/county guidelines); easements; Architectural Review Board guidelines.  Some determining factors include lay of the land; basement or crawl; well location; septic location; municipal guidelines.

Surveyor: Building permit survey (lot, easements, well and septic locations, restrictions, & boundary reference), rough stake, good stake, brick point, and in some locales a final/physical survey.

Water/Well: If water is provided by a municipality/water authority there are application and fee requirements. If a private well is the source of the water there are application and fee requirements via the local health department plus installation and testing requirements. The cost of a well is contingent upon well depth, gallons per minute, and the size of the pump and holding tank.

Sewer/Septic: If sewer service is provided by a municipality there are application and fee requirements. If a septic system is to be installed on the site the soil must first be evaluated (perc) by a health department representative or Authorized On Site Evaluator. The number of bedrooms in the house must be known at the time of evaluation. Based on that analysis it is determined if a standard/convention septic system is appropriate or if an alternative system is required. An alternative system is typically three to five times more expensive than a conventional system.

Electric Power Service: Cost is determined by the distance from the main power lines or pedestal. In remote areas this cost is affected by clearing/trenching requirements.

Natural Gas Service: If available, the cost is determined by the distance from the road/tap-in point and is also affected by clearing/trenching requirements.

Construction Financing: Lender will need to be consulted and help walk you through the intricacies of Construction Perm Financing (Link to Financing Page)

CONTACT AN AGENT in your area today for more information about our On Your Own Lot program!

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